A Reflection on 7th Grade

7th grade has been a year full of learning. I have the following in different classes.

Solving systems
Cell cycle
History (Texas)
Objects in Español
Obtaning friends

These are just a few things I have learned this school year. 7th grade has really made my knowledge expand and grow.

I have also grown in my blog post have grow in length and description. My parents have said that my blog post and my writing have been more elaborate has time has gone on. Here is a comparison.


Left: before
Right: after


Humerus, fun-filled, enjoyable,
Who you love to just hang out with a and laugh,
One who makes you feel loved,
The people you need to survive,
That person who gives a spence of hope or happiness,
The ones you are afraid to lose,
People who want to see each other everyday,
Who dream of being together forever,

I have some really great friends. I hope you do to. When I am with my friends I feel amazing. Just knowing that I have great support team by my side at all times.

My Favorite Poem

The Greatest Artist

God is the greatest artist

To whom no one can compare,

Streaking sunsets very beautiful,

Painting rainbows in the air.

Brushing green the hillside scene,

Blotting blue the sky above,

Splashing flowers ‘cross the ground beneath,

Shading white clouds with His glove.

Of the wonders God has made

There is none that is so fair

As the smile He paints upon your face

When you realize He’s there.


This is my favorite poem because with the beliefs I have.  I believe God did create earth. If you do not believe that God is the greater Earth I respect that.  I have actually written a poem about my beliefs on the joy that God creates.  This poem ties into that because I think this poem shows the joy in God’s work. I would love for you to look at it. Click here to read.

Challenge Week Five

childhood memory with media

My Pink Dog







my photo

        My pink dog has been by my side since I was two.  This is because when I was two I broke my leg, so at the time my favorite color was pink like most two year old girls.  So my mom’s friend gave me this big, pink, fluffy, and cute stuffed dog.

        My pink dog is still intact today luckily if I did not have my pink with me I do not know how I would life.  When I am down and have been having a hard day I go and tell it my real feelings.  Most people trust telling their moms everything, but something I like to keep certain things to my self and/or my dog.

        My pink dog I would say is the most important thing from my childhood. I am so glad I have my pink dog. If I did not have it I would be a ball of sadness. 


My Favorite Quotes

Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

 Robert was a writer who was born in Scotland in November of 1850.  He had no interest in the family business of lighthouse engineering. His journeys led to some of his early literary works. He published his first volume at the age of 28.  After his adventure through life he then died in December of 1894.

 This quote speaks to me because with the deeper meaning behind it we can mostly all of us can relate to. 

 The meaning of this quote to me is that someone might have an almost perfect life now with the best “hand”. You on the other hand. might feel you have a horrible “hand” that will never play out in your favor.  Your just sitting there thinking all I have is a bunch of mixed and matched characteristics that will never go together.  However over time the “cards” will mend together and you will end out the WINNER of the game.

 Therefore this quote helps me keep in mind when things might not be going my way.  This is because even though thing aren’t playing right my “hand” has got my back and will help me through life.

Black Suit
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Michael Summers via Compfight


The tall buildings; so many attractions.  Ah Houston: my favorite place to go in Texas.        

When in Houston I always go to the Houston zoo. It is a great and super fun activity.  The first thing I want to see when I go is the giraffes, but unfortunately they are towards the back.  So my family and I walk through the zoo like it is a museum following a certain path. After we are done seeing the monkeys; elephants and giraffes and all in between. we dicide to usually take a break for Dip and Dots and lemonade and cool down on those hot summer days. Then we usually go see the reptiles. My dad usually wants to stay out side but we drag him in. I enjoy walking into the room and seeing a american white alligator in front of me. 

After doing that I love going to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  When my family and I go there we try to see something different every time, but the one thing we see every time is the gem exhibit.  The first thing we look for is our birthstones as we are walking around we try to find the pretest gem.  We search this room of black felt draping the pole holding up the cases with lights shining on the gem and name.  This section leads us to looking at the minerals my favorite one is the Natrolite.  Another place we go is the gem vault to see what these gems and minerals are turned into.

Another place I enjoy going is the Houston Aquarium. I love going on the Shark Voyage ride.  This ride is a blast for me because we get to go in this clear tunnel, and sharks swim over our heads!  When we walk through all the exhibits and see the different species.  I can’t believe how they make some of the rooms look so similar to the actual habitat of the species.  When we pass the white tigers I just stop and stare because they just sit there, and are the most fascinating thing to admire.

These are just of few reasons Houston is the greatest place to be for a week(end) trip.  With my experiences I can absolutely say there is no better place to be.



His Hollow of Dispair

the zutons:how does it feel?

“Watch your step while we’re down here.  Now everyone, this is the last known place of the Phantom of the Opera. It was the opening night of ‘Don Juan Triumphant’ every thing was going smooth until… the man playing the lead guy was put to death… Christine was taken under the opera house and people followed.”

I start to scan the room just to figure out what this place really was.  Also I want to know what we will encounter on this tour. However all I see is black, black, and more black.  No sight of light any where except the ones put in just for the tour.  Directly in front of me I see a cloak thrown over a chair.  A chair: covered with black and the deepest of the deep purple.  What really caught me off guard was the scarlet red cloak thrown over the chair.  

“What is that on the chair?” I asked I must of looked pretty stupid with puzzled look I had on my face.  “That my dear is the throne of the phantom. That is the last known of place the phantom.  Most people say he just disappeared.  Come along everyone nothing to be afraid of.”

As we get closer and closer I start to see that the cloak was not meant to be red it was just . . . blood!  Knowing the history of the phantom of the opera it was easy to tell exactly where the bold came from.

We enter a cavern to find . . . stacks of rope, rope, and even more rope.  You would need ten times the size of our tour group to even get near the amount of rope.  All of a sudden chills run down my back.

As we are leaving out of the corner of my eye I notice an organ.  The organ was blacker than black not even sure what color to call it.  As I get closer I notice there is still music on it. Barely even able to make out the words: The Music of the Night.

“Come on its time to go Mark.”: Raoul’s nephew.



Photo Credit: Lali Masriera via Compfight


My Opinion on the iPads

      Folder name: english. Oh hi there!  I am just trying to stay organized by using my iPad.

      First off my iPad keeps me organized since I can have a folder for each class or the type of app.  For example I have an English Folder where I keep all the book apps (that the library forces me to get), my kindle app and any other English app.  I try to do this for all my classes.  As well as my personal apps. That way organized when I know where everything is.

      Also the folders help keep me productive.  When I am working on a project I just want to get it over with you know?  So I tell myself  “You are not leaving this folder until you are finished with this project.”

      With these strategies my iPad is not a guilty pleasure.  I think of it more as a study/school tool.  i mean it does keep all my stuff in one spot so it is harder to lose and easer to do work.

Why Dance Should be Considered a Sport

Ok let’s try this: 6 all-le-second, 5 fuete, 4 peroutes, 3 cuppe, 2 pencil turns into a tilt. Do you no what that means? Yeah I didn’t think so

Ok, let’s start with time: 10-15 hours for dance, compared to 5 for football… winner? dance. Most girls who competitively dance like me is not just an after school sport. It is our life we school and dance. We don’t go to all the parties, participate in clubs, and even eat dinner some nights.

Don’t get me started on muscles. First of dancers need every muscle in our body strong and in tune. Where as in other sports you can pass by with out having perfect arches; not in dance.

Therefore I believe dance should be considered a sport. With all the time, effort, practice, stretching, muscle building and more. Just think for a sec. DANCE IS A SPORT!